Business and Investment Consultancy and Business Networking Services

Business Consultancy

1-Hour Telephone consultancy & Proposal – £99

We will provide 1-Hour business consultancy & proposal for small and medium businesses, startups or any individuals who need advice before starting their own company or becoming self-employed. We provide a professional consultancy with one of our business experts and full proposal of how to turn your idea into reality and which clear steps you should follow including both time consuming and investment requiring opportunities. We do not advise on Legal issues.

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Investment Solutions

Chose right partners when managing your equity

We will help you to open a private banking account, choose right broker

and investment manager.

About Europe Bridge LTD

We exist to help small and medium business so as high equity holders to succeed and choose the right path and achieve your goals fast and smoothly.






Our Journey started in 2010 in Switzerland when a group of successful business owners and a professional business manager has decided to help other local Small & Medium businesses to introduce their products or services to markets all over the world.

Due to language barriers, lack of experience, knowledge or low budget a lot of businesses are struggling to expand and we knew if we add our skills together we could grow our businesses faster and help local business to expand. So we did.Seven years later we are proud to announce that our services are much appreciated by many Small & Medium business owners all over the world. We are growing fast and smooth, we just opened our office in London and we have celebrated our first New Year in London.

Our experienced, educated and well-coached staff members are key to your business success. When it comes to identifying your business opportunities in the market, creating a cost effective plan how to win these opportunities and ensure smooth and profitable deal closure – our team is the best to trust. We are happy and proud to call them all – The Dream Team

We are successfully consulting and advising thousands of businesses worldwide and we are responsible for the success of hundreds of worldwide businesses. We are here to help you to grow your business faster.

Our focus is

Small & Medium Businesses Consultancy, Management & Support, Market Research, Business Strategy & Business Development, Marketing Strategy & Campaign Planning, SWOT Analysis, Branding and SEO Consultancy.

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Business Consultancy

Apart from a huge business database of a contact list, our Dream Team includes professionals who expertise in market research and its analysis for many years.

Business Networking

Brand awareness is like SEO in the digital world, both are very important to drive organic traffic into your business.

Investment Solutions

We have collected over 10 Years of experience in Marketing strategy planning and social media advertising.

Investment Management

We are experts when it comes to your business strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats investigation. We provide a professional presentation for every customer every quarter.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to coach business owners, help them to understand and adopt new business technologies and market requirements. We identify your business opportunities together with strengths and weaknesses and we provide you with detailed market analysis, improved business strategy and business development project.

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Research Worldwide Market

Identifying Your Business Opportunities

Business Strategy & Business Development

Our Happy Clients

We are happy to share few of out happy clients